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WWE Money In The Bank 2016 Match Predictions

WWE Money In The Bank 2016 Matches : MITB 2016 Match Prediction just around three weeks away, the anticipation and number of predictions for what will main event the biggest show of the year has grown with each passing RAW. In years past, the Money In The Bank cards were sometimes easy to predict, even down to the selected contest that would be featured as the last match of the night. This year brings a refreshing sense of uncertainty. Seth Rollins and John Cena are back on WWE.
Will the main event focus on the match in which Roman Reigns will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship title against Seth Rollins? Will Seth Rollins attempt to reclaim the title that he never lost? Is Roman Reigns still being positioned for that breakout Payback moment?

If Sheamus cashes in the briefcase soon, that means that we have at least nine more months to wait before another briefcase holder is crowned. When staring into the future of WWE, there are actually exactly seven great candidates to grab the briefcase next June. From well-established performers to those actually in the midst of breaking out to even a surprise name thrown into the mix, it's an intriguing mix of who and what's possibly next in WWE.

It's a safe bet to say that the next competitor after Sheamus to hold the Money In The Bank will likely be someone from whom the WWE Universe is hotly anticipating bigger and better things, and a cash in situation more akin to that of Dolph Ziggler in 2013 or Seth Rollins in 2015 is far more likely than whatever Sheamus' moment will likely be.The idea of Stardust and The Ascension being entered into the Royal Rumble and wreaking havoc alongside Bray Wyatt, Brawn Strowman and Luke Harper could set up a unique moment wherein Stardust could turn himself babyface by having an entertaining interaction with Bray Wyatt. Actually, if you build out of the Rumble into The Wyatt Family wrestling the Cosmic Trio at WrestleMania and have Stardust get the surprise win, and a victory in a rubber match at Extreme Rules over Wyatt, then the idea of Stardus grabbing the briefcase as a babyface makes sense.

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Money In The Bank 2016 Match Predictions

World Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

We are not confident in this prediction because of Aj Styles. He may come and get another opportunity to get the world heavyweight championship title. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson may also come with Aj Styles to help him. Then The Usos will surely come to help Roman Reigns.


Roman Reigns

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (c) vs. The Vaudevillains

Generic rematch after The New Day retains at Extreme Rules? Maybe WWE rushes Primo and Epico to this spot? It seems too early for Anderson and Gallows, doesn't it?

PREDICTION: The New Day retains against all opponents but Anderson and Gallows.

WWE Women's Championship Match: Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

Paige could easily be the next sacrificial lamb once Natalya is out of the picture.

PREDICTION: Charlotte.

Money In The Bank rolls around in June, and Cesaro throws his hat into the ring. If/when he'd win, imagine the pop surrounding a Cesaro cash-in. The roof would come unglued on any building anywhere in the world.

The idea of Ambrose holding Money In The Bank could be fun if it were the thing that finally drove a wedge in the friendship between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. The idea of Reigns and Ambrose having a match or series of matches where the briefcase ownership was on the line could develop into a solid series of in-ring performances for Roman Reigns, and for Dean Ambrose give him yet another richly deserved platform on which to showcase himself.

Kevin Owens sauntering down to the ring appearing to be ready to make the choice and then just walking away would be so incredibly annoying and so "boy who cried wolf" that when he did finally win, it'd actually draw some heat.

Kofi Kingston is a master of ladder matches, battle royals and basically any match that requires a higher level of imagination when it comes to putting together death-defying and once in a lifetime spots.

Imagine Charlotte as champ dominating everything, and the Money In The Bank match including Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Paige, Naomi, Nikki Bella and the NXT Women's Champion Bayley making her main roster debut. The notion that these six women could tear down the house is obvious. Sasha Banks winning and then being "Banks with the Bank" would definitely be entertaining. Sasha Banks' cash in? It'd be amazing. Bank on it.

Babyface Rusev winning Money In The Bank for the love of his life would actually be a ton of fun. The fascinating characters that Rusev and Lana have become continuing to grow and possibly becoming a modern take on Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth would actually great for TV and for the company's PR, too. If you want great wrestling mixed with a potential feel good storyline, you too want Rusev to be the next Money In The Bank winner.

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